We provide professional beauty services that give you a full eye and fuller brow that lasts, as well as body treatments that will infuse your skin with essential moisture, and help detoxify and purify your body. Our estheticians are highly qualified and committed to providing you with exceptional service and care each and every visit.

Beauty is in the eye
Lash Lift $45.00
Semi-Perm – Upper Lash $45.00
Semi-Perm – Lower Lash $25.00
Semi-Perm – Combo $60.00
Mascara Removal $15.00
Lash $20.00
Brow $15.00
Beards $30.00
Body Treatments
Alexandria Professional Full Body Facial $125.00
Sweet and Plump Facial $100.00
Back Smoothie $25.00
Full Arm Smoothie $10.00
Half Leg Smoothie $25.00
Injabulo Body Smoothie $90.00
Calming Body Smoothie $90.00
Energizing Body Smoothie $90.00
Healing Body Smoothie $90.00
Soothing Body Smoothie $90.00
Clarifying Body Smoothie $90.00
Everyday Body Smoothie $65.00
Vacials (Includes Essential Tonic, Mud Puddle and either CC’Me or Phenomen-all)  $15.00

A vacial is an add-on service to any of our bikini services, but is indeed in the LA1 and for the Savvy Girl program.