Our Offerings:

Professional Body Sugaring

Full Body hair removal for women, men and Students

Body Treatments

Sweet and Plump Facial, Full Body Scrubs, Full Body Facials, Scrubs for legs,backs, torsos and arms.

Beauty Is In The Eye

Lash Lift, Tinting for Brows, Lashes and Beards, Semi Permanent Mascara

Mini Treatments

Vacial, Hand Smoothie, Mini Mud Mask or Mud Packing

Kiss Waxing

Strip Sugar done in the method of wax for those that enjoy the waxing but want to choose a safer method for their skin. Done on legs only at this time.

The Sugar Facial ©


Give your skin a little TLC, get the benefits of a glycolic peel without the peel. A Sugar Facial© has rejuvenating glycolic benefits that will leave your skin feeling amazing. Improve your skins texture and condition with one treatment. Soften old blemish scars and begin the repair to fine lines and wrinkles.

A luxurious facial massage with a sweet wash that is a gentle treat for your skin. Hot towels are used to steam off the wash, followed by exfoliation using our Sweet Cheeks ™ sugar scrub. Our Mud Puddle® is applied and soaked into the skin using more hot towels to relax you completely. Complimented by our hydration lotion and Phenomen-all™.

Sweet & Plump Facial™


The Sweet and Plump Facial™ will refine pores and is packed full of anti aging and blemish control with the sweetest glycolic value you’ve ever experienced. It will leave your skin fresh, exfoliated and soft. Glycolic acid effectively addresses issues such as dull appearance, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, lines, and oiliness. This will not affect your skin the way a peel does, its gentle enough for sensitive skin. Helps with old acne scaring and other skin issues.

A relaxing facial massage with our sweet wash is fallowed by a thorough exfoliation with our Sweet Cheeks™ Sugar Scrub. The gentle plumping action increases circulation to the skins surface improving natural production of collagen. Boosted again by placing our Mud Puddle™ on the skin. An improvement in the lymph system is achieved simply by use of facial massage which is relaxing and invigorating.  Its completed with a massage of a amazing skin repair mixed with a calming aromatherapy hydration lotion.