Sweet services offered at Sugar Me Right! Beauty Studio in Peterborough


With a quick tug, Sugar Me Right’s new brand was revealed on Sherbrooke Street on Wednesday afternoon.

The beauty studio’s owner, Shannon Gray, along with her employees, gathered as the business’s new sign was revealed in front of the studio, near the George Street intersection.

Inside, a complete line of sugaring services are available for women and men looking to rid themselves of unwanted hair.

Gray says that, although they offer other beauty-related services such as lash lifts, tinting of brows, lashes and beards and semi-permanent mascara, she and her certified staff specialize in Alexandria Professional body sugaring. Body sugaring is a process that removes hair from the root while exfoliating the skin, leaving it silky smooth for weeks. Over time, the hair comes back thinner and finer.

“It’s similar to waxing, but it’s better and safer for the skin,” says Gray.

She said that, with waxing, a layer of skin is removed during the process. Sugaring, says Gray, takes the hair from the root, resulting in less pain.

Gray started the business in 2010, which led her to open her first small studio on Park Street in 2012. She expanded to a new location on Charlotte Street before moving into her most recent location on Sherbrooke Street a little over a year ago.

Gray says she now has three treatment rooms for her clients, who can choose from a wide range of services. For a complete list of services, check out the Sugar Me Right! Beauty Studio’s website at www.sugarmeright.ca.

Gray says they use only the highest quality Alexandria products and that her staff are all certified and professional.

Gray adds that she is also a consultant of sorts who travels to other salons in Peterborough to train people on how to effectively use Alexandria products.

Credit: Peterborough This Week