COVID-19 Rules

New guidelines and rules for customers

 No restrictions at this time.

Providing a clean, safe environment for you and your service is our #1 priority. Our staff already followed strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols regulated by local agencies before the effects of COVID-19, but we’ve now adopted extra safety precautions and placed even greater emphasis on deep cleaning. We remain committed to continually evaluating what must be done to meet the needs of our customers and adhere to (and exceed) both Peterborough Public Health guidelines and provincial regulations.
The following safety precautions are being taken to protect the health and wellbeing of you and our staff during your visit:
Our staff has taken a refresher course on Salon/Spa Infection Control and earned certificates, which are displayed in the main office.
Our staff wash their hands thoroughly before and after contact with every client.
Our spa uses an registered disinfectants on tools, containers, and all surfaces that you may come in contact with during your visit.
A new set of gloves is used for every client and at times must be changed during the service. And all guests are required to register a covid questionnaire for every appointment so contact tracing can be easily followed.
We now permit our staff to work when ill if they follow public health guidelines meaning they will mask and they will have taken he public health online quiz and followed the instructions there. If you are on the first day of illness or the illness is really not good, we will be happy to work with you to schedule another appointment as soon as you are feeling better. As community guidelines from public health changes regularly please call and we will guide you to our requirements for returning after illness. We are working hard to keep you and the spa community safe, and we know we can count on you too.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the front desk and thank you for being a loyal client
Shannon Gray
CEO and Founder
Sugar Me Right! Beauty Studio