Sugar Me Right! Beauty Studio is your premier sugaring hair removal destination. We set the standard in professional body sugaring in Peterborough and surrounding area. We’re a team of certified professionals who specialize in Alexandria Professional® Body Sugaring services with the utmost professionalism every step of the way. 

We also offer extended specialty services dedicated to healthy skin and healthy hair removal. In addition to body sugaring, we offers lash lifts, semi-permanent mascara, lash and brow tinting, a variety of full body spa treatments and facials. 

We have the best technique on the market and use the highest quality products available. We strive to build relationships with our customers and to understand their skin and beauty needs to personalize their experience with us.


Your experience should be exceptional leaving you feeling silky smooth if sugared, relaxed if you’ve had a facial, or batting beautiful eyelashes if you’ve had a lift.  Being comfortable in our environment with top-notch customer service should end your visit to us feeling like you’ve had the best visit in a sugar spa.


Educating clients, the public and Alexandria Professional Body Sugarists is important to us. Our owner Shannon Gray has completed the Alexandria Professional Master Educator series training and is an Partner Sales Executive Educator in Alexandria Professional body sugaring products. This training has allowed Shannon to certify others in the master’s courses as well as professional body sugaring.  We are very proud to have 2 in house educators with Jaime Wintjes Receiving her Educators certification in 2018.  

If you’re interested in becoming an Alexandria Professional Body Sugarist, contact us at 705-743-2066

Sugar Me Right! Customer

I have been going to Sugar Me Right! for 4 years and I absolutely love it there. My hair has become so light and thin which is amazing as I naturally have thick course hair. The staff there are amazing. I also suffer from many allergies and have very sensitive skin and find their products safe to use. They are patient and helpful, listening to my concerns and coming up with a solution every time. I will just say I will never go back to shaving—ever!

Sugar Me Right! Customer

The staff at Sugar Me Right! are extremely professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend any of their sugaring or beauty services to anyone.

Marilyn C
Professional Body Sugaring
Sugar Me Right! Customer

I’ve been coming to Shannon about 4 months now. What a treat it is to not have to shave my underarms everyday! Plus when the hair starts to grow back it’s so soft & downy I don’t notice it.

Andrea L
Sweet & Plump Facial
Sugar Me Right! Customer

Shannon’s hands were magical! they danced on my face, I felt such a sense of peace and relaxation, I nearly fell asleep. The hot towels pressed into my skin was my favourite part. I could have enjoyed it all day.

Out of body experience… Thank you Shannon!

Aidan Conolly
Sugar Me Right! Customer

I personally don’t feel at risk at all coming for services during the pandemic. Practitioners have a vested interest in employing precautions for maximum effectiveness and the only other businesses that sterilize to the degree that Sugar Me Right does are doctors/dentists offices.

we love what we do
Owner, Alexandria Professional® Body Master Sugarist & Executive Educator, Lash Stylist 
Jaime-Lee Wintjes 
Alexandria Professional Educator, Professional Body Sugarist, Lash Stylist and Technician, & Alexandria Professional Skin Care Specialist Brow Specialist
Madison Sands
Professional Body Sugarist and Facialist
Brianne Morrison 
Professional Body Sugarist, Lash Technician and Facialist
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