Body sugaring is a natural approach to hair removal and exfoliation. It has its roots in ancient Eastern cultures and is still practiced to this day for its impressive results. Most importantly, it doesn’t burn or irritate the skin.

Most hair removal procedures result in pesky ingrown hairs that are not only uncomfortable but painful, as well. Sugaring eliminates ingrown hairs and prevents new ones. It’s also highly effective on all hair colours and skin types while improving its tone and texture. Sugaring does a great job at treating various skin conditions such as keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

Body sugaring has been used as a method of hair removal and exfoliation for centuries. It can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilizations that held a deep appreciation for the practice as early as 1900 B.C. The standard of beauty, at the time, favoured smooth and supple skin, which was easily achieved by sugaring. This natural procedure remains a convenient and safe alternative to many other hair removal options.

Unlike wax, body sugar is never applied hot. It’s warm application conforms to the body’s own temperature which allows for a much less painful experience for hair extraction. Sugar paste epilation removes your body hair from the roots, it exfoliates your skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth for weeks at a time.

At Sugar Me Right!, we use all-natural and hypoallergenic Alexandria Professional® body sugaring and skin conditioning products to not only remove hair, but give your skin a gentle and deep exfoliation. Plus, it doesn’t clog and pores so you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs.

For best results, your hair should be 1/4 inch long (the equivalent of 7-10 days of  growth) prior to sugaring appointments.

Sugaring doesn’t cause unnecessary discomfort and it is done at body temperature, unlike wax, which risks burning the skin and also breaking hair follicles.

Absolutely not! Body sugaring doesn’t damage the dermal cells or scar the follicle and its surrounding area.

Sugaring doesn’t promote cross contamination and the entire procedure is completely sterile and clean. Our technicians always use gloves and never reuse their sugar paste. And because of the concentrated sugar we use, it ensures bacteria will not breed.

Wax products are made of adhesives that stick to and painfully remove skin cells during the process whereas sugar products gently exfoliate. Sugaring removes dead skin cells and hair, leaving behind smooth and silky skin.

Mascara isn’t for everybody – and that’s okay. A lash lift gives your eyelashes a delicate and noticeable curl that’ll be sure to make your eyes pop. Not to mention, it can last up for up to 3 months!

Our in-house lash technicians use Dolly Lash products by Bella, which offers a mild, safe, and reliable lash perming solution and setting lotion that guarantees lasting results. We always follow up with a nourishing agent to enrich, repair, and protect every lash hair.

If you’re thinking this might be for you, then you’re already one step closer to softer, healthier, and naturally curled lashes.

This is for the mascara lovers who could use one less thing to worry about in their day-to-day. We offer professional grade mascara that lasts from 2-3 weeks with proper aftercare. Our semi-permanent mascara is customizable to your personal preference. Whether you’re looking for a natural finish or a full-volume finish, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re a fan of lash extensions but don’t prefer them for your lower lashes, this treatment offers those delicate hairs a gentle boost that takes the daily mascara wand struggle out of the equation!

What better way to enhance your natural lashes and brows than to give them a healthy dose of colour? This treatment results in fuller lashes and denser brows that show that a simple tint can make a huge difference.

We use RefectoCil to achieve the perfect tint and it is Health Canada and FDA-approved as well as cruelty-free! This stunning professional grade tint lasts 4-6 weeks and uses vegetable-based formulas as opposed to a chemical base. Feel good about pampering yourself with good and ethically-sourced ingredients!