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Our service structure serves to meet the needs of all our clients. Women and men have different needs and expectations, so we’ve developed services and pricing for each category.


Experience beautiful, smooth and silky skin with our gentle and natural form of hair removal.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Manscape your way to confidence with our full body sugaring services for unwanted body hair.                                                                                                                                                                                            


Get that full eye that lasts, as well as body treatments that will infuse your skin with essential moisture, and help detoxify and purify your body.                                                    


We all deserve to be pampered. Body sugaring is the safest and most natural method used to extract unwanted hair to make you feel and look your best.

Unlike wax, body sugar is never applied hot. It’s warm application conforms to the body’s own temperature which allows for a much less painful experience for hair extraction. Sugar paste epilation removes your body hair from the roots, it exfoliates your skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth for weeks at a time.

Sugaring is effective on all hair colours, textures, skin types and tones. You can even get sugared if you have eczema and psoriasis. 

Sugaring can lead to permanency. When hair is removed during the first stage of growth, the process begins eliminating parts of the hair follicle, causing it to collapse and rendering it incapable of producing hair as thick or ever again!

We are proud to use Alexandria Professional® body sugaring and skin conditioning products. Alexandria Professional® products are all natural, with no chemicals or adhesives added, and offer no harmful side effects. 

Go ahead. Feel the sugar difference.

100% natural


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Body Sugaring

You’ll want to ditch those wax strips forever once you’ve discovered Alexandria Professional® sugaring hair removal with our painless, all-natural, hypoallergenic sugaring formula. Safe and effective for all areas of the body.

Body Treatments

Detoxify and purify your body with a taste of our 13 specialized body treatments, leaving you with moisturized skin that radiates health and is soft to the touch.

Brow Tinting

Add oomph to your arch with a safe and effective semi-permanent, hair-darkening tint eyebrow treatment. Our tint takes to the finest of hairs, leaving each brow with a fuller look.

Lash Lift

Designed for those who want longer-looking, curled lashes without the use of curlers. Make your eyes pop with a professional lash lift that looks, feels and wears like your own beautiful lashes. Our technique enhances even the shortest and straightest lashes with results lasting 2-3 months.

Semi-Permanent Mascara

Get thicker, darker lashes with a look similar to traditional mascara. Our professional grade mascara lasts for 3 weeks and requires professional removal. Waterproof and smudge proof after the first 24 hours.

Lash Tinting

Get fuller lashes while not wearing mascara! A safe and effective semi-permanent, hair-darkening tint eyelash treatment. Great for those who are sensitive to make-up, wear contact-lens, active in sports and who have no time to apply mascara daily.

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We look forward to seeing you soon at Sugar Me Right! Before booking your appointment, please do review our cancellation policy. By booking with us, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy. To modify or cancel an appointment, please call us at 705-742-6000.

If you’re under 18, parental consent is required for all services completed at Sugar Me Right!

Alexandria Professional®

Body Sugaring & Skin Conditioning Products

We’re trained to use Alexandria Professional®, the leading producer of sugar hair epilation products. The company and product line has been trusted since 1989 and is recognized worldwide. Discover Alexandria Professional® body sugaring and skin conditioning products for beautiful, smooth skin.


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Sugar Me Right! Customer

I have been going to Sugar Me Right! for 4 years and I absolutely love it there. My hair has become so light and thin which is amazing as I naturally have thick course hair. The staff there are amazing. I also suffer from many allergies and have very sensitive skin and find their products safe to use. They are patient and helpful, listening to my concerns and coming up with a solution every time. I will just say I will never go back to shaving—ever!

Sugar Me Right! Customer

The staff at Sugar Me Right! are extremely professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend any of their sugaring or beauty services to anyone.

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