Presept™ Skin Cleanser 2oz

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Presept™ Skin Cleanser 2oz


59ml / 2 fl oz

Removing all dirt, lotions and oils while being a gentle skin cleanser, it is also great for daily makeup removal. It will not strip the skin of natural protective oils or emollients, nor disturb the skin’s natural pH balance. It is gentle on your skin and sensitive to your skin’s needs. With no smell it appeals to both men and women alike and teenagers are discovering its safe and gentle formulation.

It is gentle and effective on all parts of the body and face. Presept Skin Cleanser™ leaves soothing hydration to alleviate the feeling of tightness and dryness after washing. Removing to many oils can actually cause more oil production. Can help those with extremely oily skin to get it under control. With antibacterial properties this cleanser will help keep acne under control by removing the debris blocking the pores.

Also available in a I Love My Skin Travel pack so you can take it on the go.

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